Finding a Good Gas Installation Engineer(Gas Safe Registered)

Gas is something that many of utilise in our homes and businesses in and around Belfast to provide hot water, heating and other amenities, which is perfectly safe to use 90% of the time. Occasionally though we may fall prey to an unqualified cowboy posing as a bona-fide gas engineer. Gas can kill so obviously all of us want to be careful when choosing your home or commercial gas specialist.

According to recent research illegal, unqualified gas installers are carrying out over 200,000 gas appliance job every single year and putting the lives of their customers at serious risk. Not only that but the general public are paying through the teeth to rectify these botched jobs, to the tune of 100 million per year.

Many of these dodgy gas fitters not only carry out gas installations but also plumbing, bathroom fitting and kitchen installations.

If you have ever has a gas engineer work on your boiler, gas fire or cooker who isn’t properly registered you could end up having the installation reinstalled at the costs of hundreds or even thousands of pounds. It is absolutely crucial that consumers check that any tradesman they use is on the Gas Safe register and therefore up to the standards to install or carry out maintenance on their boiler or other gas fuelled appliances.

Opting for the lowest price or even on the recommendation of friends or family isn’t always the best way to go especially when it comes to price as many of these rogue traders will offer lower prices because of the lower quality work that they provide and for the fact that they are unqualified to do the work safely. You are quite literally putting your life at risk for the sake of a few pounds.

When someones calls to your house or business to fit, install or service your boiler, cooker or gas fire, always ask to see their Gas Safe register identity before even asking for a price and definitely before you offer them the job or hand over any cash.

As stated above, it really in the best interests of you and your family to play safe when it comes to hiring a qualified heating engineer. Don’t take the risk get in touch with us today and be guaranteed that you are getting fully qualified, professional, gas registered tradesmen to do the job.

Before we even think about installing a new boiler we will asses the damage to your old one and if possible repair it to good working order. We will also advise you on your options and the costs of repairing your boiler versus replacing it with a new one.

Having installed or replaced 100s of boilers in the homes of our customers in Belfast and further afield, we know how reluctant people generally are to fork out the cash needed for this service. Let us reassure you though that although getting a new boiler installed may initially be expensive it will pay off in the long-term.

According to the Energy Saving Trust you could save yourself upwards of £200 per year on your energy bill by replacing your boiler with a more up to date, modern boiler.

Because replacing your boiler is so expensive we at Commercial Gas Belfast will help you choose the most costly, efficient and suitable model for your needs, in return for using our service.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll discuss the ins and outs of getting your new boiler installed. This will include the heating needs of your home, how much it’s going to cost and a time to suit you when we can install the new boiler in your home.

If you are in an emergency situation without heating and/or hot water we will ensure that your boiler is installed as soon as we possibly can, usually within 2 or 3 days. We know how much of an inconvenience this can be especially in the winter months so we aim to get you back up and running asap.

When the time comes to fit your new replacement boiler one of our Gas Safe registered engineers will visit your home, cover up all surfaces that may be affected by the mess involved in the installation and proceed to get your boiler in place and the hot water running promptly. We will also remove your old boiler free of charge.

All our boiler installations are guaranteed for 2 years. So if there are any problems in that time simply get in touch and we’ll sort out any issues.

We pride ourselves at Commercial Gas Belfast on our expertise, professionalism and duty to our customers. It is definitely in our best interests to keep you satisfied and that’s what we aim to do.

It’s crucial you get your gas boiler checked annually both in terms of keeping down future costs, and also to ensure that your boiler is operating at the highest standards of safety.

Get in touch with us today and a full qualified and approved gas safety registered engineer will call to your home or business to inspect and service your appliance. This will include advice on efficient heating methods, and how best to keep down your costs.

The yearly service will include:

  • An assessment of your boiler and advice on best practice in regards to energy efficiency.
  • Notification in writing of any gas safety problems that may be compromising the safety of your appliance.
  • Testing your gas boiler to ensure the efficiency of the flue, that all ventilation is in working order and to the highest operating standards, and that your boiler is 100% safe. All these tests will be done in compliance with the manufacturers instruction manual.
  • A complete inspection of your burner, ignition devices, chimney structure, injector and heat exchanger. Our engineer may have to clean the burner if it has become clogged with debris.
  • A testing of all heating and hot water functions.
  • A combustion analysis according to the appliance manufacturers manual.

All these test are carried out to keep your boiler in tip-top shape and running smoothly. It is especially important that you get your boiler serviced coming up to the winter months when they are most likely to have problems due to the length of time they have been left unused, or infrequency of use.

Gas Boiler Breakdowns

Having served 100s of customers throughout Belfast we know how much hassle is caused by a gas boiler breakdown. The loss of heating and hot water to your home or commercial premises can be a nightmare.

Don’t worry though we operate a 24 hr emergency call-out service. So, no matter what time it is give us a ring on 07730 325176.

One of our engineers will be on your door step in no time to get your gas boiler up and running again.

There will be no hidden costs. We will assess the damage and tell you the total cost to fix. Whatever price we give you includes parts and labour.

Our team of gas engineers have numerous years serving customers is Belfast. We believe there is no other company in the area can offer the professionalism, quality of work and reliability that we can. Call us today!

The gas engineers at ODH heating are hired by leading estate agents and landlords throughout Belfast to replace, repair and maintain gas boilers and other gas appliances. Our teams are renowned for the quality of work carried out.

At ODH we source all our spare parts with the utmost speed ensuring that our work is carried out as quickly as possible and reasonably priced.ODH Heating for all Your Gas Boiler Services

We can be relied on for all your boiler repairs and servicing. All our commercial and home gas boiler services will be carried out with the least inconvenience to ensure that you endure very little hassle, because of the disruption to your home or business. We aim to be in and out as quickly as possible.

We can repair, install and maintain all makes and models of boilers. When it comes to replacing or installing new boilers we are second to none in Belfast and beyond. We can advise you on the best boiler to suit your needs.

When it comes to pricing you can be sure there will be no hidden charges. All our prices will be agreed up front.

Here are some of the boiler services we can help you with:

  • Boiler Servicing
  • Boiler Installation
  • Boiler Maintenance
  • Leaking Radiators
  • Central Heating Repairs
  • Immersion Heaters

And many more. Just give us ring to discuss your needs.

We are an established team of gas engineers with many years of experience and expertise. Because of our success we are now able to offer our customers a 24 hr emergency service, to make sure none of our clients are ever left without heating or hot water, no matter what time of day or night. Whether you need an emergency repair or installation we are on hand to do the job.

It is extremely important that you have your gas boiler maintained regularly. The main reason for getting your boiler serviced is so that our engineers can detect early problems. Leaving them unfixed can end up costing more long-term. Leaving minor problems undiagnosed and unrepaired may lead to having to have the boiler replaced. This will be the last solution though. We will always try to work with what you have and repair your appliance it at all

Gas is a very dangerous substance and when boilers are left unchecked they can develop gas leaks. It is imperative that you get your boiler checked to make sure this hasn’t happened to the appliance in your home or commercial property.

All the major boiler manufacturers recommend regular servicing. Not only will a service save you money long-term but it could also be life saving.

Carbon monoxide leaks can be fatal. Water leaks can cause massive damage to your property. Don’t risk either for the sake of saving yourself a few pounds. We can check for both at a very reasonable price.

All our work is 100% guaranteed and carried out by fully qualified Gas safe registered engineers. We are the industry experts on gas appliance servicing in Belfast. Don’t settle for low quality tradesmen, who through poor quality work, could end up costing you more money in the long run or worse still put your safety at risk.

ODH Heating are also covered by public and professional indemnity insurance. This covers us for all eventualities.

We also offer bathroom installations where we can completely refurbish your bathroom at competitive rates.

Click here now to request a call back or give us a ring on 07730 325176 and to discuss your requirements.

Welcome to our Gas services news page. We will post updates here with info we think our customers will find useful in choosing the right tradesmen for the job.Gas boiler servicing

Gas utilities while convenient in heating and bringing hot water to homes and businesses throughout belfast can also be dangerous if not installed properly.

All our engineers here at ODH Heating are gas safe registered and have the safety of our customers utmost in our minds hn carrying out work at your home or business premises.

Don’t opt for second best. Give us a call today on 07730 325176 and we’ll come out to assess your needs and give you a fair price.